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Bringing Music to Life


Hi. My name is Varun Murali and welcome to my space, The Red Music Box - where I create, record, and produce all my music. 


As a Music Producer, I believe ideas are powerful. These powerful ideas that our human brain can create are best conveyed through art. I’ve always loved how an emotion or a thought could translate into musical notes and somehow reach another soul and convey the same meaning or so much more and have such a great impact on one’s life. I’ve spent a great deal of time learning, experimenting and continue to do so everyday and I believe so much more can be achieved through the process of collaboration. 


I believe a studio isn't just a space where you walk in, do your thing and leave. It is an inspiring ground where songs are crafted carefully. Most records we love were made in collaboration between the artist, producer and the engineer. It is that seamless relationship which makes these powerful ideas flow better. I run a parallel career of being a live musician and I know what it is like to take something that belongs to you and entrust that into someone’s hands to run with it. On top of that, the pressure of ‘time is money’ environment can almost strangle the idea from being expressed in its best possible way leaving your music lack the fullness it deserved from you.  And that’s why I created this space, so I can welcome you, put you at ease and help you do your best without a clock ticking at the back of your mind and let the music flow the way it is supposed to. I’d love to collaborate with you as your producer or engineer to get your music across to people out there. 


My name is Varun Murali and I welcome you to my space, The Red Music Box!! 

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